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4K + 1080p dual cameras
AI dashcam

AI Dashcam


AI Dash Cam
Industry-Leading Low-Light Photography


The first-ever "AI Dash Cam" boasts the industry's most powerful low-light photography technology, redefining clarity in nighttime driving!

The DOD UR1 True 4K Dash Cam, with its outstanding "AI Smart Imaging Technology," offers the most stable low-light environment photography, adapting instantly to different environments to capture every detail. Equipped with the latest AI archive technology, it saves files in a split second during power cuts, ensuring no footage is missed. No matter the circumstances, it preserves videos completely, providing you with true "driving security" like never before. UR1, unprecedented!"

**AI archive technology can’t be used if the SD card is malfunctioning.


AI Smart Imaging Technology

[Exclusive] DOD is the first to use next-generation AI smart imaging technology, enabling ultra-bright low-light dynamic photography. Through AI image processing, details in the scene can be enhanced by 83%. In low-light environments such as dusk, tunnels, and highways without streetlights, the system adapts instantly to different conditions, ensuring the image remains bright and true to life."


Unlit highway

AI Smart Imaging Technology VS 2x Large Sensors




Unlit highway

AI Smart Imaging Technology VS STARVIS IMX415




Unlit highway

AI Smart Imaging Technology VS STARVIS 2 IMX678



Extreme Environmental Contrast

Now, let's unravel these mysteries of vision together

Is the unlit path really pitch black?



Is parking lot footage from the STARVIS and STARVIS 2 dashcam truly clear?



Is the footage from STARVIS and STARVIS 2 clear when entering and exiting tunnels?



Is it really impossible to overcome the pitch blackness during dusk backlighting?



Is the unlit road truly pitch black when the car lights are off?



Is the nighttime footage captured by STARVIS and STARVIS 2 truly clear?



Is it truly impossible to penetrate the darkness of dusk backlighting?



F/1.4 super aperture

Combined with a new generation of AI smart imaging technology, the sensitivity can be automatically adjusted with different scenes, greatly improving the clarity of details in low-light environments.

4K dashcam


Instantly adjust bright and dark scenes

Through AI image computing, adjust the light source of bright and dark scenes by 72%, which can improve the clarity of key details compared to traditional HDR technology.

AI Dashcam


Dual mirror independent CPU

Efficiency is increased by 100%. The front and rear lenses of UR1 use independent chips, and the dynamic images are processed instantly, which is faster and more stable.

4K Dashcam


Waterproof exterior lens

The new upgrade of the rear lens adopts a durable process design, better heat dissipation effect. The exclusive 3-fold defense technology, which meets the outdoor IP67 waterproof rating, anti-fog and shock-proof. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the dynamic image can be truly presented. The lens Angle can be greatly adjusted according to the needs of use.

Ai dashcam


AI archive technology
Save the video files completely under any circumstance

The latest AI archive technic will dramatically lower every file writing issue while maintaining file quality and size.

**AI archive technology can’t be used if the SD card is malfunctioning.


Dual recording Parking Surveillance

With the motion detection feature recording starts automatically when a motion is detected in the video. After the engine starts, it will return to camera mode automatically to ensure your file is safe.


Basic functions

▪ 3.2" IPS high-saturation full-plane mirror screen

▪ Sync Time & Date to the Atomic Clocks

▪ G-SENSOR Auto-lock function

▪ Manual lock protection

▪ Automatically Records and Shutdown

▪ Loop Recording

▪ With H.265 Video coding, the file will be smaller than ever but the quality still remains

▪ Supports up to 512GB Micro SDXC memory card


Video Resolution

4K@30fps + 1K@30fps 

Image processing

AI intelligent imaging technology


(F)SONY STARVIS CMOS Sensor (R)2M Pixels CMOS Sensor

Wide Angle Lens




ISO Sensitivity



3.2" IPS

Video Format

H.265 MP4

Recording Media

Micro SDXC Class 10 U3 (Up to 512GB) *Requires Micro SD Memory Card.


Mic and Speaker (Mono) Equipped



Power Input

5V 2.5A


Front:103.6(L) *26.1(W) *43(H)mm
Rear: 36.4(L) *30.8(W) *34(H) mm


Front: 125g
Rear: 46g

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~65℃

Package Contents

UR1 x 1
UR1 Rear Cam x 1
Rear Cam Connection Cable x 1
Warranty Card x 1
3M Adhesive bracket x 1
Vehicle power charger x 1
*(Gift)OTG 4-in-1 card reader x 1

*Actual specifications depend on factory announcement. No further notice will be provided in case of any change.


  I have agreed that this firmware only provides firmware upgrades, without any warranty or the purpose of the features I need.