Care What you Care.

DOD's head office is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. With the efforts of DOD colleagues, the reputation and brand value are the highest honors of DOD.

DOD products are agents all over the world. As the global economic environment changes, more and more emerging markets, global markets and economies are gradually increasing.
We have also set up professional service teams to provide customers with better quality. service.

We are very grateful to our customers for their long-term support for the DOD brand, which makes the DOD products grow and thrive.
The vision of DOD is to provide the products needed by the market to serve the community and contribute to the global society.

This is the corporate purpose of DOD, thanks again. Your customer support for DOD allows us to move from Taiwan to the world.

Brand Introduction

DOD is a pioneer in the manufacture of driving recorder technology and a leader in driving record brands, focusing on the development and production of the driving safety monitoring industry.

DOD's brand concept is mainly to provide superior high-quality digital technology products to meet the needs of the market, and we have added elements such as mini, fashion and high image quality to provide traffic monitoring security and intelligent home monitoring security. It makes it easy for you to enjoy high-tech digital life.

Quality Control

From the complete manufacturing process is from concept design to product production. We design with innovative design. Provide the best and unique design and product manufacturing services to give you the best products.
This makes it easy to optimize the efficiency and performance of each process and provide complete and optimal service to the customer. Hence, we can offer best and complete support to our clients for both OEM and ODM.