Mirror Camera

RZW886 2K Resolution Mirror Camera


Mirror camera + WiFi

Addressing blind spots common in traditional rearview mirrors, it allows for constant monitoring of rear traffic, enabling instant front and rear recording to comprehensively document your journeys. Its exclusive patented magnetic suction design enhances visual aesthetics, while built-in WiFi transmission enables real-time browsing. Equipped with TS stream stable writing card technology, it ensures seamless power-off storage, preserving footage intact for genuine driving security.
*TS stream stable writing card technology may not function properly if there are issues with the memory card itself.


Mirror Dash Cam
Without Blind Spot from rear view mirror

  • Multi-Lane Recording
  • 11.26 inches full screen
  • Clear sight in Rainy day


Multi-Lane Recording

Real-time Images without delay, in wide view and without blind spot during driving. This feature is not restricted by the vehicle model and won’ affect visibility by the items you put on rear sears or near B/C pillars.


11.26 inches full screen

With high quality IPS large screen, any color with different angles can be shown correctly.


Outstanding sight in inclement weather

Provides clear vision and will not be restricted by weather and rear windshield.


Dual Channel Dash Cam & Car reversing display

Record the front and rear video simultaneously by 1440p dual cam and 1080p waterproof rear cam. RZW886 also supports car reversing display.


20% Enhanced Highlight Suppression

The RZW886 rear camera is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), High Light Compensation (HLC), and Backlight Compensation (BLC) technologies, effectively suppressing rear light glare in specific environments, resulting in clearer visibility and enhanced recognition.


All in one function for your Phone

You can record your route information completely and combine it with DOD APP to connect to WIFI to get all the information.



TS Technology
(Transport Stream)

It has improved all the problems of SD Card's writing, such as physical impact and interruption of electricity. It will save the video file completely even in any situation. File will save simultaneously during writing. The key images will be saved without any loss at any possible times.

**Transport stream technology can’t be used if the SD card is malfunctioning.


Dual recording Parking Surveillance

With the motion detection feature recording starts automatically when a motion is detected in the video. After the engine starts, it will return to camera mode automatically to ensure your file is safe.
**To be used with the exclusive parking monitor power cord.


OTA Wireless Updates
Instant Mobile Cloud Upgrades

After activating WiFi, you can directly perform host upgrades on your phone without consuming any mobile data, ensuring instant and convenient upgrade experiences.


Basic functions

▪ Advanced WDR Technology Stunning Video in Any Light

▪ Sync Time & Date to the Atomic Clocks

▪ G-SENSOR Auto-lock function

▪ Manual lock protection

▪ Automatically Records and Shutdown

▪ Loop Recording

▪ Supports up to 128GB Micro SDXC memory card


Video Resolution

Front: 2560x1440@30fps
Rear: 1920x1080@30fps


4M Pixels CMOS Sensor

Wide Angle Lens



Front: f /1.8
Rear: f /1.8

ISO Sensitivity


Video Format

H.264 TS

Recording Media

Micro SDHC/SDXC Class 10(Up to 128GB)
*Requires Micro SD Memory Card.


Mic and Speaker (Mono) Equipped



Power Input

5V 2.5A


F:291(L) *37(W) *21.9(H)mm
R:31.6(L) *34(W) *36.4(H) mm



Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~65℃

Package Contents

RZW886 x 1
RZW886 Rear Cam x 1
External GPS Module x 1
Rear Cam Connection Cable x 1
Warranty Card x 1
Vehicle power charger x 1

*Actual specifications depend on factory announcement. No further notice will be provided in case of any change.


  I have agreed that this firmware only provides firmware upgrades, without any warranty or the purpose of the features I need.